CMR 500L
CMR 500L

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CMR 500L

If you are looking for large drum mixers with great mixing capacity, our CMR series is the right place to look. The CMR 500 has a mixing capacity of 500L and a drum capacity of 1400L. The CMR 500 is the smallest product in the CMR series of large drum mixers. These drum mixers have a fixed tray and can be emptied by turning the drum one way, while the drum mixes by turning the opposite way – the same principle as a cement truck. On the backside of drum mixers in this series is a ”loading tray” that can be lowered to the ground, so you can shovel materials into it. With the push of a button, the loading tray goes back up, after which it automatically fills the mixing tray from the back. With another push of a button, the machine automatically empties the tray by turning in the opposite direction from the mixing direction. Thus, these drum mixers save you manual effort, since you don’t need any power discharge to tip the drum – this machine handles it by itself.

There are some exciting after-market accessories for CMR drum mixers, such as a water gauge that can help with correct water dosage to make the mixture the desired consistency. Additionally, you have the option to purchase a weight system and a loading shovel. The loading shovel helps make loading of a lot of materials easier via a wire drive / belt drive. In other words, these drum mixing machines are suited for large mixing quantities at large construction sites.

Moottori 240 V
Rummun kapasiteetti 1400L
Sekoituskapasiteetti 500L
Korkeus 240 cm
Leveys/pituus 175/275 cm
Paino 1100 kg